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100% Arabica

Full-bodied and creamy with notes of bitter almond, nougat and caramel. Low in acidity

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Producer: Fazenda Passeio, Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira
Geographic locationIn the South of Minas Gerais
1,200 meters above sea level
Harvest seasonJuly, August
VarietyYellow Catuaí

Our BRAZIL comes from the south of Minas Gerais from Fazenda Passeio. This coffee is a so-called Natural. Which means: after the harvest, the coffee cherries are dried as a whole. In practice, sun-drying coffee cherries requires a great deal of knowledge of the local conditions. Drying takes between two and three weeks. The beans with the dried pulp are then put into the mill. Here the pulp and the parchment are removed and the beans are sorted according to density and size. Defective beans are sorted out again. The precise sorting and homogeneous classification of the individual quality levels of the green coffee beans make the roasting refinement process much easier. The result is a very full-bodied cup, with a creamy texture and pleasant sweetness. Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira is the third generation to run the fazenda. The family follows a holistic concept – they try to harmonize coffee cultivation with the surrounding nature and social issues. This approach is promising, Fazenda Passeio is well known among many roasters and Adolfo Ferreira is a trend setter among the coffee producers in his region.


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