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100% Arabica

Full-bodied, bittersweet, cocoa, mocha notes, walnut, pepper, cardamom. Low in acidity

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Producers: small farmers in the region of Oromia Hararghe
Geographic locationRegion of Oromia Hararghe
in the southeast of Addis Abeba
up to 2000m above the sea level
Harvest seasonOctober to February
VarietyMixed Heirloom

The Ethiopian Harrar is named after its region of origin, Haraghe. This region is located in the east of Ethiopia towards the border with Somalia. This is 525 km away from the capital Addis Ababa. The coffee grows there at an altitude of between 1,500 and 2,100 meters above sea level. The cool temperatures at these altitudes allow the coffee cherries to ripen slowly. A complex aroma profile is the result of these climatic conditions. The Harrar is a so-called NATURAL:the coffee cherry has been sun-dried as a whole; then the beans are peeled out. This process results in a complex cup with a full, strong body and creamy texture. The strong mocha taste with intense cocoa notes is partcular for this coffee, especially in espresso. But the Harrar also fits excellent to mlik in the cup. Because of its wide range of aromas, it is a popular bean for fully automatic coffee machines.


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Whole bean, Grinded: Filter, Grinded: Coldbrew, Grinded: French Press, Grinded: Moka pot, Gemahlen: Siebträger