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100% Robusta

Dark caramel, roasted almonds, cinnamon, caffeine kick

Preparation tip: Very fine grind is required for espresso preparations!

Ideal for: Cappuccino, Espresso, Moka Pot, Espresso machine
Brand nameVietnam Robusta Winey Honey
Geographic locationBao Loc 1000 m
Harvest seasonNovember-March
VarietyC. canephora var. Robusta no.138
CertificationFinca Santa Isabel has a certification for biodynamic cultivation.
ProcessingWiney Honey

Mr. Toi is here again!

This producer supplied our Christmas coffee 2022: from Vietnam! Until now, this country was a blank spot on the map for specialty coffee. Therefore, we are very pleased that we can offer a very subtle 100% Robusta as a single origin from this region. Mr. Toi produces in the Bao Loc region and specializes in high-quality Robusta varieties. This pioneer is doing extraordinary work in Fine Robusta development. Until now, Robusta has mostly been used as part for strong, spicy notes in espresso blends. Bu the term Fine Robsuta already gives it away – the previously underestimated coffee species has found its way into the quality league. Robusta, however, works a little differently; it has to be ground finer than its Arabica relatives and needs to be stored a little longer after roasting until the beans have reached their optimum for extraction (up to 2 months). This Robusta variant has its strongest performance as an espresso extract – it offers fine notes of dark caramel, roasted almonds, cinnamon, and of course that special caffeine kick!

TIP: Only use 100% Robustas from 1.5-2 months after roasting.


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1000g, 375g

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Whole bean, Grinded: Filter, Grinded: Coldbrew, Grinded: French Press, Grinded: Moka pot, Gemahlen: Siebträger