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100% Arabica

Cocoa, marzipan, dark berry notes, soft and creamy

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Brand nameRwanda Kiwu Bourbon
Geographic locationRwanda / Lake Kiwu
1.900 m above the sea level
Harvest seasonJanuary - April
ProcessingFully Washed


Our first coffee from Rwanda at 220GRAD comes from Tyrol! We came into contact with Immaculee in 2021 by accident. Immaculee comes from Rwanda, but her home is in Tyrol – both countries are known to be characterized by high altitudes. Immaculee is well connected to her home region, Lake Kiwu, and has decided to build a business with well-known and related local coffee farmers. We are therefore very pleased to source the Bourbon variety from this region. The volcanic rock soils and lush vegetation in Rwanda produce wonderful coffee cherries, a touch out of paradise. Due to its complex character, the bean is suitable for several roasting profiles and types of extraction methods.



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1000g, 375g

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Whole bean, Grinded: Filter, Grinded: Coldbrew, Grinded: French Press, Grinded: Moka pot, Gemahlen: Siebträger