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70% Arabica / 30% Robusta

Full body, spicy, mocha notes with dark chocolate and hazelnut. Low in acidity

Ideal for: Cappuccino, Espresso, Moka Pot, Espresso machine, Fully automatic machine
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Brand nameSelection Four
Geographic locationBrazil - Minas Gerais, Ethiopia - Harar Region, Uganda - Mubene District
Harvest seasonBrazil: July, August; Ethiopia: October-February; Uganda: May/June, December/January.
VarietyBrazil (Catuaí), Ethiopia (Heirloom), Uganda (Robusta: Nganda, Erecta)
ProcessingArabica: Brazil: natural; Ethiopia: natural
Robusta: washed

SELECTION FOUR with its 30 percent Robusta content, it is the strongest espresso blend in terms of caffeine at 220GRAD. Intense mocha notes from the Ethiopian Harar region and nutty Brazil with a good portion of specialty robusta from Uganda form a broad and full body with peppery spice. This blend is particularly suitable for black coffee drinkers who want a tingling caffeine kick to go with their intense coffee enjoyment.


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1000g, 375g

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Whole bean, Grinded: Filter, Grinded: Coldbrew, Grinded: French Press, Grinded: Moka pot, Gemahlen: Siebträger