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100% Robusta

strong caffeine kick, creamy-chubby, sweet grain, hazelnut and walnut, dark caramel, cinnamon and lemongrass

Preparation tip: Very FINE GRIND is required for espresso preparations!

Ideal for: Cappuccino, Espresso, Moka Pot, Espresso machine
Geographic locationProvince of Santa Rosa / Nueva Oriente
1.400 m
Harvest seasonJanuary to April
VarietyCoffea canephora var. Robusta
CertificationFinca Santa Isabel has a certification for biodynamic cultivation.
ProcessingYellow honey

The brothers Alexander and Martin Keller cultivate 1000 hectares in Guatemala / Santa Rosa region, Nueva Oriente. 300 hectares are reserved for coffee cultivation. They have been running the finca according to the biodynamic principle for more than a decade. All their thoughts and actions are in regard to healthy soil on their land. The grandfather of Alexander and Martin took a few seedlings of the local C. canephora (Robusta) variety with him from a stay in Africa and planted them in Guatemala at 1,400 meters above sea level. Thanks to their outstanding agricultural skills, the Keller brothers have produced a Robusta bean of such high quality that we were happy to include it as a pure variety in our program. Until now, Robusta has mostly been used as part for strong, spicy notes in espresso blends. However, Santa Isabel Robusta stands is stand alone with its pleasant sweetness and tasty nut aromas.

TIP: Only use 100% Robustas 1.5-2 months after roasting.


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1000g, 375g

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Whole bean, Grinded: Filter, Grinded: Coldbrew, Grinded: French Press, Grinded: Moka pot, Gemahlen: Siebträger